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First-Year Experience in London

The First-Year Experience in London

伦敦呸!咄! group at South Bank

Former 伦敦呸!咄! students at South Bank

Each fall, 36 students from Skidmore's incoming first-year class will have the opportunity to spend their first semester of college in London, one of the world's great cities. In addition to allowing students to enjoy the historical and cultural riches of England's capital, the First-Year Experience in London enables them to begin working toward their Skidmore degrees; helps prepare them for Skidmore's academic challenges and opportunities; and builds strong connections and friendships among the participants.

学生将 study under the guidance of two Skidmore Faculty Coordinators who will oversee the academic program, serve as advisors and mentors for the students, and organize a variety of group cultural excursions and activities. The Faculty Coordinators will each teach a required Scribner Seminar. These courses have been specifically designed for the program and take full advantage of London's resources. 学生将 take additional classes at the 前辈们 Abroad London Center. All courses are considered Skidmore courses; grades will appear on the Skidmore transcript and will count toward the Skidmore GPA. A number of courses may also count toward core-curriculum requirements. At the conclusion of the program, students will join their classmates in Saratoga Springs for the spring semester.

How do I apply to be a 伦敦呸!咄! student?

For information on how to apply to the 伦敦呸!咄! program, please visit the 伦敦呸!咄! 招生 网页. 


问题 regarding the 伦敦呸!咄! program details, orientation or arrival day should 针对 肯德拉·尼尔森, 伦敦呸!咄! Program Manager in Skidmore's Off-Campus Study & 交流,在 or +1-

问题 regarding the admissions process should 针对 Gabby Vuillaume, Assistant Director of 招生 at or +1-.

问题 regarding Skidmore on campus housing for the spring semester following London should 针对 the staff of the Office of Residential Life at


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